Tuesday, May 22, 2007

SCAA 2007 Long Beach- Goatherd's Highlights

'The Colonial' (it's international)
sweet parking
$65 Scotch
Bud Terwilliger's 19hr whirlwind LBC tour
Scott Lucy's first-round performance
Hangin' at the Loring SmartRoaster booth
Intelligentsia Party-
-Latte art throwdown
-sweet Gothot
-good beer
-long drive
LM paddle-group Linea
Jon Lewis' still
Secrets of the Roasting Illuminati
Hangin' at Von's w/ Taylor and Chris
Anfim Grinder! (got one)
USBC Controversy
Taylor's guerilla marketing
BG Party (oh jeezus) Tatiana, Michael, Philip, Matthew, Andrew, Isaac, Kevin, Jeremy, Joy, Dismas, Dave, Jon, Devin...who else?...thanks
Albina crew after-party + rum + coffee dreaming


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