Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Nick Cho (murky, pf.net) wins SERBC

Check out this Sig. Drink. This is really outside the box.

(quoted from coffeed.com)

My sig drink (untitled):
- kicked on Bodum electric hot water kettle
- set up judges table and did the intro
- presented tray with the sig drink (including glasses) to judges table:

- two rocks glasses with 12 grams of El Salvador Aida's Grand Reserve Peaberry ground in each
- cupping bowl with two cuppings spoons
- dish with 5 small-ish balls cantaloupe (yes, there were balls in the drink)
- dish with a little honey
- a little dark "molasses sugar"
- four glasses (sorta like Koziol cups... with rubber ring around the middle)
- small Eva Solo coffee brewer

- poured water from kettle into rocks glasses (set up cupping)
- made and served capps
- broke crust and skimmed
- dumped contents of cupping glasses into Eva Solo
- added melon, honey, and sugar
- swirled Eva Solo
- made and served espressos
- took the four glasses from sig drink tray to machine and pulled shot in each
- served to judges
- added 2.5 oz from Eva Solo to each
- "time"


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